Author Topic: keeping it simple. what is everything you eat, breakfast, lunch and dinner?  (Read 2144 times)

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sun to sat, anyone can share here the list of things they eat during breakfast, lunch and dinner (snacks can be included). 

sadly today I forgot most what I ate. I don't eat enough and too skinny. oh yeah I think it's already lunch time. 

well I'll try to remember what I ate this morning:
*packet fish (salmon)
*hard boiled egg
*rice and beans
*soy milk (but it has cane sugar, is there any soymilk without sugar? it's insane they would put sugar in what should be a healthy pure soy drink.) 

should transgender women avoid sugar?  I drink orange juice to build immunity to sickness (and it is effective), but fruit drinks contain lots of sugar and I read sugar is bad for estrogen.   

I try to avoid meats, but is chicken ok?   is pasta with tomato sauce ok?  some sources say I should avoid carbs 

also, how do transgender women gain weight make sure they get enough fat and protein?  we need that stuff to not lose any more weight, right?     I did have chickpeas last night, and I think that has protein, and there's beans,

but how do vegans do it so they have enough fat and meat on their bones?   how do vegans gain weight healthy style?

Also I read conflicting articles about broccoli, some say its bad for estrogen, and some recommend it. I don't trust it. 

and I avoid milk/dairy that isn't soy.  I don't have yogurt anymore, I did have Liberte yogurt, not sure if I should have more of that, but it contains sugar. 

also I read cereal in general is bad.   I have this bran cereal but it has sugar AND zinc, which are bad things.   also I read potatos are bad too (so those chips got to go).

well for lunch, I'm thinking of having an apple, more kiwi, and pasta.   ^-^

Feel free to add your meal lists here, and you can list if there's any different things you eat throughout the week for each meal.   

You can criticize my meal list, I seek food criticisms so I (and those reading) can avoid eating things that are against estrogen.   I rather eat things that promote estrogens, reduce/stop androgens, and promote feminization.  Thank you.

I still think there's not a clear understanding of transgender woman diet and health.     It's really confusing, because we want to promote estrogen prosperity, while not starving ourselves, and wanting to gain/maintain weight instead of losing weight. 
I still think I'm not eating enough and not all the right things.    it can be hard to avoid meat, but can people have enough protein/fat from chickpeas/beans?     very thin people can afford to get more fat, but the healthy options are still vague.

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My diet is not very good right now.  A few months ago it was very strict and I lost a lot of weight, down to around 157 which left me with my bones sticking out. 

Changes you might expect with HRT pretty much had stopped and I was shrinking everywhere.

I have allowed myself to climb back up to around 175 which is still in my healthy weight range.  HRT is again doing something.  I'm eating whatever I feel like eating until I don't want to eat anymore.  This includes candy, lots of chips and salsa, and often some healthy food at supper. 

I recently had my blood tested and it is all still very good. 

All of that said, I do need to clean my diet back up like it was before I go and gain too much weight.

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On regular days I have
Coffee and eggos
Yogurt and muscle milk
Toast with olive oil
Raisin bran

And then on weekly-ish cheat days I just consume burgers, pizza , and energy drinks until I feel like dying.

My goal is to put on feminine type muscles and keep up general fitness.  If anyone has tips for that, I'd appreciate it.
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@Fira; I find unsweetened soy milk at my usual grocery store.

Breakfast; Raisin Bran with soy milk, grapefruit juice
Lunch; Braunschweiger sandwich and a Mountain Dew (I really need to rethink lunches for work.)
Diner; Bar-B-Que pork, mac and cheese and a salad with chocolate soy milk.
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I'm some sort of a natural vegetarian, I can eat meat and fish if I want to but I dearly dislike most of it.
I also have an allergy to a lot of fruits (they smell wonderfully!).

So my diet is basically cereals, tons of cooked vegetables (I'll have to be reborn a turtle before I can accept to crunch them raw), apples, bananas, yoghurt, creamy cheese, ripened cheese, and potatoes to no end.