Author Topic: I changed my name and gender on my birth certificate in California.  (Read 1295 times)

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Hi, I don't talk much on the boards but I chat a lot. (Nicci, Nicole, SeaGal)

I am non-op for Medical reasons and was born in California. I changed my name 13 years ago but never changed my birth certificate in California because they would only amend it and I already have my old name and a name change order.

I found out, earlier this year, the requirements have changed to "All appropriate treatment." (CA H&S Codes 103425, 103426).

I did a little reasearch into what was actually needed and with the advice of Transgender Law Center, I did the following steps:

1. I obtained a certified copy of my legal name change from the court where the order was issued.

2. I obtained a packet of forms from California Dept. of Public Health for Birth Certificate ammendment. VS24. (see - It is important since these forms become part of a sealed record, they must be on California's bonded paper. Also VS24 must have two signatures, yours and someone else's ... didn't matter who according to a clerk on the phone when I called CDPH. 

3. I obtained form NC-210 and had my doctor sign it. (See My doc said it was "her privilege" to sign it.

4. I obtained form VS111 for the sworn statement of identification to be signed by a notary. (See Use only the sworn statement page.

With all of the signatures obtained and with a postal money order for $23 (I don't use checks) I sent the forms in and received my new birth certificate on August 18 ,2016. It took just over a month from mailing the forms to receiving my new certificate.

I am ecstatic!