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The Chat Banned Me


So I have been using this chat for several months now. But when I tried to sign into it earlier, I was denied access of entry according to this error message:

Error Connecting (Closing link: ( [G-Lined: [HelenW] -Tristyn, perm ban for multiple fake suicide attemtps and aggression - we don't have the resources or the strength to deal with your kind of problems, sorry. (ID: F1MKVB5KBB)])

Please, is there a way to remove this, mods? I love the chat and I would be devastated if I could never use it again. :(

Tristyn, I know you have been having some difficulties and that you enjoy using chat. The best way  to deal with this issue is to contact HelenW about it. You can reach her via forum PM or via her email You could also, if you reach out anytime to Susan as well. or PM again. It's not something that I or any of the mods can over turn and has to be taken up with the Chat admin or Site Admin (Susan). Considering this isn't something to be discussed here. Thread locked.

PS. Always know you can PM me too. Hugs


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