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Need support group or friends WV,KY,OH tri-state

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--- Quote from: kimberlyA on September 03, 2016, 05:49:24 pm ---Hi, I'm starting my trans.  Been to counselor in E. KY and got hormones from doc in Charleston, wv.   I live near Huntington and would like to find group or friends in Ashland-Huntington area.
Still look male, so don't be shocked.   Gonadal Dysgenisis, long medical history.

Kimberly (Ken)

--- End quote ---
I know there were several groups in the Charleston area. Likely your only choice. I lived up north in WV near Cumberland, MD. It was about 100 miles or more to Pittsburgh and about the same to DC which were the only real cities nearby. After a lot of searching I did find a group in Western MD, only 90 miles away. One's choices are slim to none in the boonies.

Hello all, I am in Clarksburg,  WV. Finding anything near here is crazy! Have a great day!


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