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Re: Boxes
« Reply #40 on: April 10, 2019, 05:33:14 pm »
Hi, Tribble,

I know you want a box. It's OK to want a box. But, ultimately, the box is an illusion.

Gender non-conforming people have been around since the dawn of time. How old is psychology? What did people like us do before there were labels for what we are?

Luck and love. :)

As Ann notes above, labels are an ephemeral illusion.  The word Transgender was coined in 1964 while young people seem specially adept at coining more personalized descriptors these days.  I think that is a healthy rejection of boxed tyranny.  There is a vast cultural trove of recent historical images coming at us constantly via social media that fosters the simplistic binary concepts of female and male.

I once worried about dreams in which i appeared male but dreams are a phenomena rather than any indicator of anything real.  When I first started transition it felt there was a formula or set of expectations for real success and membership in the trans community.  No way and no more as non binary peeps have continued to assert ourselves and acknowledge our right to simply be just who we say and feel we are.

Ultimately your self definition of being a tomboy woman sounds like you found your fit for now, congratulations!
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