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Any Asatruar here?

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I use to follow but after feeling like I didn't connect to the religion or the gods, I did some soul searching and ended up in the Kemeticism religion. I would recommend getting the Asatru sacred book, and reach out to one of the bigger communities they have online. I also reside in MO. Good luck.



--- Quote from: darksarah on August 01, 2017, 02:18:39 pm ---Hi. My name is Patricia. I follow the Old Gods on many years. I believe in Asatru. Beside, I believe in Ancient Gods. My favourite gods are Loki, Thor, Odin, Ragnarok. I sometimes go to visiting historical paganĀ“s activities. Have you wear any amulets of these gods ? I wear sometimes valknut on my neck. I would like if you write me some info about your opinion on Old Gods.

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Dee Bellwether:
hi hi. I am no Asatru, but I have at times worked heavily with Norse spirituality and Deities.

I at one point identified as Rokkatru, as I generally gravitate toward the Rokkr, not the Aesir or Vanir, and was part of a religious community that was both full of individuals devoted to the Rokkr and full of trans people. (look up First Kingdom Church of Asphodel, I don't go so much anymore, but they are very trans friendly.)

my current primary practice revolves around Vodou and the Sumerian pantheon, but I have had some very powerful experiences with my Germanic lineage and the Deities associated with it. in particular Loki, and The Nine Waves (the daughters of Aegir and Ran) were the ones who spoke to me most.

while I've not talked with Them too much lately, I am a Vitki, and regularly use Runes for divination and magic. i'm married to a woman who is very Scandinavian in appearance, and has the entire Eldar Futhark tattooed on her feet, so it remains a relevant part of my life and religious practice.

go ahead and friend me if you want. i'm new to this site and have no idea how you do that lol.

catherine - remy:

I would guess I'm sort of this, I live in England and all round this area their are places connected to the old gods, horsted nearby is where horsa is meant to buried, wormshill (and black post, a black painted sign post) is where woden was worshiped ect. What I have always found intresting is how they found 6 transwomen buried in folkestone from this period in time


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