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does anyone know how to do eyeliner and what eyeliner is good for beginners.

There are hundreds of "How Too's" on YouTube.,for all things beauty.  When you get to YouTube enter "eyeliner tutorial for beginners"

Anne Blake:
I agree with Dawn, there are a million videos available online for good tips. You can get far more from a video than from a bunch of our words. The one tip that I will offer is that, for me, eyeliner is one of the more difficult makeup items to remove. Even with some good removal oils, a waterproof liner lingers. Many folks questioned why I was wearing makeup in guy mode, I couldn't tell them that I had not been fully able to recover from an evening out. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara has its place but may not be the be the best choice for either learning the skills or just for short day trips.


XD youtube why did i not think of that and sound like you know your stuff.

Veronica A:
yup avoid waterproof eyeliner stuff as said above.


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