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Investigating Universities abroad (UK, England)


Hello all, I've been around lately asking questions about accepting locations and environments, and mentioned that the possibility of going to University could be real in the near to far future. Saying that, I have been looking University based on the subjects I'm interested in and I've come across a term, Full-Time study, vs Part- Time study.

Could some help me comprehend what this means. I know what Full and Part mean, but in relation to University, what counts as full time, and what counts as part time. The reason I ask, is I was considering the possibility of getting a job while I was study for my degree in England or in the UK, and if the hours of Full-time are too much, I may have to opt to do part-time study and work to earn money, experience, and if I had to use a loan, then to pay that off over time as well.

Any information you all can give me is much appreciated. I'm just gather my information, and continuing to research things along with what many have shared with me so far in the past few weeks.

Thank you!

Paul Muad-Dib:
The hours you are expected to spend attending lectures/classes/workshops etc. here can vary massively between courses considered full or part time. For example back in 2000 I was studying full time biology at university and there were typically 3-6 hours of classes per day, average of 2-3 essays per week and exams for every single subject. The amount of hours I had to put in on that course was significantly higher than the illustration degree I did 9 years later which was also full time. You could argue you were expected to put more hours in on the illustration in your own time, rather than spend in lectures, but since I was working a job too it was a lot easier to work a job around that course than the biology.

A lot of students do work nights though, I worked in a bar while doing the biology course, but I will admit it was difficult doing both getting out at 2 am and needing to be up again at 7.

I'm doing a part time course at the moment via distance learning related to English, and it's not too difficult to work around a full time job, although my course does mean I have to read a lot of books and that eats up a lot of time. It depends on the sort of course you want to do how much time you will typically have free. BA degrees are all round more relaxed in a lot of ways than the sciences imo.

Kylo I just want to say thank you for sharing and I'm so sorry for taking so long to finally reply. I'm working so hard getting my stuff together for school and transitioning this year and it is a lot of work, but worth it.

I'm going to actually give working a job a try in school for a brief time to see how I handle it. However, if it might too much work load (I'm doing theatre type course), then I will work on the in between times and save that money up or use it when needed. I definitely need to to continue to work on time management, as I know this will be important regardless if I work on not.

Thank you for sharing and Take care!

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