Author Topic: Georgia, USA-born people: Info on Name Changes and ID docs  (Read 729 times)

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Georgia, USA-born people: Info on Name Changes and ID docs
« on: November 20, 2016, 10:05:24 pm »
To my fellow Georgia residents, especially those who were born in Georgia:

I reached out to attorney Ryan Locke who has offered to assist trans people in Georgia with their name changes and changing the gender marker on their identification documents.  He is offering this for free right now.  Mr Locke replied the next day with a link to a document in his Dropbox account.  I copied it to my account and added a couple templates for a name change petition as well as a letter for vital records in Atlanta.

Mr Locke also told me to contact him straight away if any government agency refuses to change the gender marker on my documents even after I have followed proper procedure.  I have a feeling he would also like to be notified if someone is denied a name change after following proper procedure.

I wrote two blog posts about this on my personal blog.  If permitted, I shall share links to them here.  If this is not permitted, I will understand if one of the admins removes it.  However, I also invite any trans person on this forum who lives in Georgia to private message me and I will be glad to give you the links.

This link will take you to the first blog post, where you will be able to click another link to download a guide to name changes and such in Georgia.  I've also summarised some of the procedures briefly.

This link will take you to the second blog post, which has links for viewing and downloading a name change petition document as well as a letter template for contacting the Georgia Bureau of Vital Records.

As I mentioned before, the documents are stored in my Dropbox folder.  Feel free to download them and use them as you need to, or copy them to your own Dropbox account.  Feel free to share the blog posts with others.  Their job is to help anyone who isn't sure how to start the legal processes.  I'll leave the files in Dropbox for probably six months, if not longer.

I can also put Georgia trans people in touch with Oyle Harrison, a FtM gentleman who runs Alphabet Soup Atlanta, a trans group that meets every month.  Some of the other members of ASA have put in calls to other states to ask for information.  For that, I would ask that people PM me directly.  I apologise if it takes a day or two, but I will respond.

Stay safe out there!  I love you all!