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Chest and belly hair

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Sophia Sage:

--- Quote from: Alora on November 27, 2016, 07:13:57 pm ---what to expect when you make an appointment to have your pubic hairs removed via electrolysis?
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Expect it to hurt.

--- Quote ---How did you approach the situation and what was your experience like?
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Most electrologists won't do this.  Some will, though.  You'll have to call around.  They'll likely charge more.  And when you're getting it done, if for any reason you give evidence of being aroused by it, they'll either turn up the juice or just kick you out. 

Anne Blake:
The end of this week is my one year anniversary for HRT. I did not have a lot of body hair before but what I did have dwindled to almost nothing between the six month mark and now. My upper legs, particularly the inner thighs had been a lot of trouble shaving, always ingrown hairs. They have cleared enough to only need shaving once a month and have not had ingrown hair problems for a few months now. I still shave my underarms about once a week, mostly out of habit because the hair growth has slowed way down.

I have been getting electrolysis for facial hair at E3k in the Dallas area, a couple of months ago I began to include the groin area in preparation for surgery. The technicians there have treated me with great respect and kindness. They realize that it is very awkward for us and they do their best for us to feel comfortable. They also use lidocaine injections numbing the area so there is no fear of physical response though I doubt there would be one with the pain involved even without the injections. 

After six months on HRT there was a noticeable reduction of hair on my arms and legs. However, after two years, I still have more hair on those areas than a cis female, particularly on my legs above the knees. :(

Before starting HRT, I'd already had the hair on my chest, stomach and lower back lasered, so I can't really comment on those areas other than to say none of it has grown back.

I never had much body hair, being a DES "son".  I did have a couple of dozen chest hairs that looked kinda gross on my new boobs.  I shaved them for a while, but these days I can't even find them.  Occasionally, I'll catch a glint of light off one of them, so some of them are still there, but they are white, fine and silky now.  That's at five months on S & E.


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