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my first role model


Lily Rose:
  this section is so dead :icon_confused2:. the first transgender and or drag queen (not really sure which) was rupaul maybe in my early teens, and i thought wow i wish i could be here. my father was there and pretended to not realize this was actually a "he". he said shes really pretty or something to that effect. i said it is a "guy" and again pretended to not realize. i wonder know if he was telling me this was okay. i am sure he was praying i would not choose this LOL. more i think of it, more i think he would have accepted this with out a second thought.

  any way i suppose rupaul was my first transgender role model and or hero.

Hi Lily, I assume from reading this , that your father has past since you still wonder how he would react to your being trans? It is understood though, that we struggle to tell our parents about this and in many instances our fears were unfounded.


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