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I did a presentation on "What is Gender: Beyond the Binary" on August 20, 2017.  The presentation addresses the many facets of gender and its determination beyond the traditional male/female binary, including some basic broadly accepted definitions, and some of the recent science regarding medical discoveries on transgender persons.

I offer this for members to make use of in their educational efforts.

The video of the presentation and Q&A session is now released for public use.   I've attached the video links and a link to the handouts for the presentation.

And yes, I did put in a big plug for Susan's Place.   ;D

Presentation Handouts (PDF. 1.5 Mb)

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Oh my gosh!!!! I'm excited!!!!! I'll take a look when the kidlets are in bed (daughter is watching Arthur and its requiring being hooked up to the comp I'm on)

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Thank you Michelle,  currently on a rare and precious break with my kids,  but I'll watch it as soon as I can. X

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