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Do you believe a God exists , straight up or down

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Its funny, since I was brought up in such a old fashioned environment it was impossible not to believe in God.
Sadly with all the hate I knew I would get because I was "different", I would resent that fact.
Now since coming to terms with the whole trans thing, I really believe he would have no problem with me.
I even believe he may have helped me, when I was young I would pray every night when I go to bed to be changed into a woman, or have long hair, back then I hardly knew the difference between man or woman.
I still pray now, more so of thanks for my day or my fortunes, or to ask for strength when I know I will need his help.
I do believe he listened, he couldn't just turn me into a women, but he helped the best he could, this year I have lived abroad on my own and my two brothers had visited, one a year younger than me and the other 3 years younger than me, both have thick full beards, they are taller, stronger bigger hands and feet, I was blessed.
I hardly have a beard, my hips are decent wide, I have a waist.
Ther may be biological luck involved, I don't know, but maybe too he tweaked what he could. I see some trans people can often, after years of praying to be a woman or man withought anything, give up believing.
I believe he works in mysterious ways, I am sure I have seen his signs.
Maybe it was just my old fashioned upbringing and alot of luck, I don't think so though :)

The gods defined by organized religions certainly do not exist. I have no reason to believe in any other god otherwise. Sure, maybe some god could exist, but I'm going to go with "no" until some solid evidence is in on that.


It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.
André Gide, Autumn Leaves

It would be interesting to know how this splits up by country. I dont even know any religious people.

I  believe in the " prime mover unmoved

But also that life being brought into being  the only instruction from the creator  was "survive"

and that is what all life forms attempt
 the force that brought life into existence  is completely  impartial 


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