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Posting of Religious Topics


I would like to remind all members that the the Spirituality section is for discussion of religious topics - of any denomination. However topics need to be related to transgender issues.

--- Quote from: Susan on October 05, 2014, 03:47:01 pm ---You are not to pass judgments on others beliefs or lack there of, any more than they are allowed to pass judgement on yours. You are free to talk about how your spirituality affects your life, but you cannot proselytize or attempt to convert others.

Post in this or any of the sub forums under The Spirituality Forum must be linked in some way with the transgender condition, but may not also not claim it is a sin, mental illness, or wrong in any way. If you want to express those beliefs then by all means take it to another forum.

--- End quote ---

Topics not related to TG issues will be removed.

Discuss how religion, religious practices, or other forms of spirituality relate to those in the TG community.

For the record Cindy instituted this policy at my direction.

Reposting this for member information.


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