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I just wanted to go on ahead and say that I'm Bisexual and some people may see that to be more excepting.
Really though its hard to live when you live in the "Bible Belt'. I was absolutely terrified to tell my mother and still cant fully tell my dad the truth. My brother tries to find a scientific reason for it when really I could care less. When I was finally able to tell me friends that I'm Bisexual (I hang out with a lot of guys) they turned it into a joke and became very sexual, I can understand that, but the girl I hung out with either distanced themselves from me or became strait up bullies. I understand the hardships of being anything but normal and that no one will ever fully except you no matter how close they truly are to you.
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If friends don't accept you for who you are, they are not your friends. I lived in the Bible belt for a while and would never go back. At this point, I am full time and I don't know  that I would even visit. Safety and all! Consider a long term plan of moving or a least moving to a new group of friends.

You have to say it with confidence: "I am bisexual!" Then they will respect you.


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