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Does anyone know what the CPT code (U.S.) is for electrolysis for M2F gender reassignment surgery?

I am going through the pre-authorization process.

Try 17380

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I did a reverse Google lookup on the code you provided and see this, among others.

The code is:

Surgery | Surgical Procedures on the Integumentary System | Other Procedures on the Integumentary System | Electrolysis epilation

I had to look up the word Integumentary System. In laywoman's term, the translation is "skin". That means that 17380 means "electrolysis on the skin". Surgery, well, spraying liquid nitrogen on the skin is a surgery. By this definition, I can submit a 17380 for electrolysis on hair on my back, thighs, face, or anywhere else.

There is nothing in the 17380 CPT code that says "GRS".

Since insurance companies do not pay for electrolysis as a general rule, but do pay for electrolysis with respect to GRS, what will tell the insurance company, Blue Shield of California in this case, that 17380 is for GRS? Since my physician wants only a single code and the form presumably does not have a space to write explanations, what keys the insurance company into GRS?

Is the CPT code used possibly with an ICD code 302.85 (gender dysphoria), although even there that does not say "genital electrolysis in preparation for gender reassignment surgery in M2F individuals".

I PAINED with my electrologists last night, but got the information that I wanted. By the way, nothing says masochist like having 2 electrologists working on your back at the same time, one with the blend and the other with thermolosis, each trying to outdo the other for an hour, really 90 minutes.


The CPT code, 17380, provided in this posts answer is correct.

The pre-authorization must also include 2 ICD (ICD-9-CM) codes

308.25 Gender role disorder
V.49.89 Transgender

Somehow through magic the insurance company will know that "electrolysis for transgender patients" means electrolysis for GCS/SRS.

Thanks! Now off to Blue Shield.

I Am Jess:
I don't remember which code I used when I submitted my electrolysis reimbursement request but I got a response back saying that my lady was not an approved provider. I had to appeal the denial and when they took to long I appealed to my states insurance regulators. I have Anthem Blue Cross. I finally got my reimbursement.


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