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Friendly electrolysis places in Brisbane?

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Hi Brisbane ladies,

    Can anyone point me to a friendly/sympathetic electrolysis place in Brisbane?  I'm quite keen to get started on hair removal, but I don't want to deal with the emotional difficulty of a hostile technician.  Has anyone found somewhere they've liked?  I'm not your normal sort of client, since I'm still presenting quite male, but my bodyhair super bothers me and I am at the point where I can't stand it anymore.



I can't answer your question on electrolysis, but I've had quite a bit of laser done in Brisbane by Results Laser, and now Laser Clinics Australia. I still present male when I go (upper lip hair is proving to be persistent) and I've never had an issue with the staff even though I've made it clear that I'm trans. I've had by face, back, chest and stomach done, which collectively has done wonders for reducing dysphoria.

I too would be interested to know of any local trans friendly electrolysis places.

Useful, thanks! :)

I shall certainly report back if I find anywhere good.

Hey girls,

I know this is an old topic but I just wanted to say that I am getting my electrolysis done at a lovely place in Coorparoo called Ambience Beauty. The girls there are very friendly, professional, discreet, and understanding of my needs as a transgender woman.

Link below!

Hi Rainecloude, thanks for posting this. Welcome to Susan's Place!  :)

A couple of questions for you... What method of electrolysis do they use, and do they have much experience with trans women?


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