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First off, I'm a long time lurker, who finally signed up. So hey y'all. A lot of these discussions have helped me out over the years!

I have a passing question: I'm almost 26 years old, tall, skinny, almost 2 years on HRT and am scheduled for FFS in May.

I always have been a very androgynous individual. I present in androgynous clothing, have an androgynous hairstyle, and that is where I am most comfortable and happy. I may wish my face were a bit more feminine, but I actually didn't have horrible luck either. I'm hoping FFS will just give me a little extra boost.

I have many cis andro/butch female friends who are occasionally read as guys (maybe ~10-15% of the time), but waaay less than me (~50-75%). Their faces and their bodies speak for themselves. I like the occasional gender double-take that strangers do, but I would like to get within their general range of passibility. But is that possible with a frame that, while certainly not a quarterback's, is objectively male/masculine?

I'd like to pass better, but I'd also like to be true to myself. Anyone here been through this, or have friends who have? Any tips?

Hi and welcome to the site.

I am not looking to label you, but knowing where you are in any sort of presenting or transition or treatment might help us to answer this more fully.

There are many who went from very large masculine frames to fairly small and svelte. It is usually through a combination of HRT, exercise and eating habits. I am not saying that bone structure is changed but muscle mass, and fat (re)distribution  can help in being read as more female.

I am sure there are more on here that can help more. If you have lurked you must have seen what is coming next.

I want to share some links with you. They are mostly welcome information and the rules that govern the site. If you have not had a chance to look through them, please take a moment to:

Things that you should read

* Site Terms of Service and rules to live by

* Standard Terms and Definitions

* Post Ranks (including when you can upload an avatar)

* Reputation rules

* News posting & quoting guidelines

* Photo, avatars, and signature images policy

Once again, welcome to Susan's. Look around, ask questions and join in.

With warmth,


I'm confused whether you are "tall, skinny" or have "a frame that, while certainly not a quarterback's, is objectively male/masculine?"

Alot has to do with weight. Nobody thinks twice when they see a tall skinny girl. 5'10" guys are 185 pounds . But people expect a girl that tall to be 130.

@flytrap: Hey, thanks for your thoughts! I am quite tall and skinny. 6', ~120lbs. When I said "while certainly not a quarterback's but objectively masculine" I merely meant that squared-off look male torsos have. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Also, Joanna50, thanks for linking me to the rules.

Yup, that's girl skinny! How about your style of clothes? It's easy for people to mistake a tall girl for a guy if they only take a quick and she has on jeans and a tee?


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