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Transgender people skip food and drink to avoid using public bathrooms Benjamin

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Transgender people skip food and drink to avoid using public bathrooms
Benjamin Butterworth

Pink News/By Benjamin Butterworth 26th January 2017, 5:54 PM

"Transgender people skip eating and drinking in public to avoid needing the bathroom.
A survey has found that some trans people are so anxious of the issues faced by using public bathrooms that they don’t use them at all. "


its pretty sad some of the end results of using a bathroom.  I am not sure if its worse or as bad for transmen however transchicks all over i hear articles of them being assualted by cis males when being forced to use male restrooms.  The whole shebang of making rules about where i can pee is sad.  I even struggle with bus stations even though my state has civil rights laws in place... greyhound is a patriachal grrrr to me.

Sounds like the option I would choose, too. I don't want to be harassed or assaulted because of someone's irrational fears.

For the overly zealous religious lot that we Americans are, we sure are a prurient bunch.
 Ironic and sucky  :embarrassed:

I haven't used a public bathrooms since I went full-time on January 1. It's stupid, I'm know but I'm so anxious about this that I indeed limit the amount of water I'm drinking whenever I'm leaving the house. For emergencies, I have an empty water bottle in the car.

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