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BBC Radio 5 Live discussion on <not allowed> including yours truly


R R H:
There was a 35 minute live discussion about <not allowed> two days ago on BBC Radio 5 Live. I participated quite a lot in it:

Apologies to anyone overseas if you have trouble playing that but there are some ways around it I think.


Very cool!  I got a kick out of the classic caller, the woman who "just doesn't understand it.  How can liking pink, or wearing dresses mean that someone is a woman inside?"

Thanks for doing this.  I really think more of us need to step forward and help the public understand that we are just people, at a different place in the gender identification spectrum than most.  All concepts that need explaining!

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R R H:
That's so sweet of you: thank you :)

p.s. way to go with my voice training!

I'm sure sex is a matter for everyone.


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