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NYC stores for wigs and what not?


I'm going to be moving back to just outside NYC fairly soon, and I was figuring that I would have a good chance of finding a trans friendly wig shop there. Not much luck on google or yelp- would anyone have any recommendations from places to go that I could (not just buy but also get help picking) a wig? Or any other trans friendly stores that would be a big?

I'm not out about being trans/dressing but I've shopped at a number of places in Manhattan and no one has ever been rude or done anything overt to make me feel uncomfortable - I would guess that at wig shops in particular (at least in the most LGBTQ-friendly neighborhoods) no one will bat an eyelash at you. in Columbus Circle has a full service/consultation you can make an appointment for, and the time I went they didn't seem judgemental. Also Ricky's is ubiquitous and has cheap wigs - just go to the one in Chelsea and they'll certainly be friendly/supportive.

Hi Casey, I live in NYC and not only do I need to hide my masculine forehead, I also have alopecia and am 90% bald and always wear a wig.Finding a good wig spot has been impossible for me in NYC. Just like finding a good ffs surgeon. It's like NYC is still in the dam dark ages in terms of TG friendly stuff. I go online and get my wigs from Louis Ferrer and they work better than the ones I spent thousands on from NYC wig spots. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like me to accompany you on your quest. Good luck!!


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