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Having presented myself in a sort of non-binary or genderfluid way (even when i had no real clue that those terms existed) for many years before i came out as a transgender woman, i have great respect for non-binary folks. I love to see them participate in all areas and contribute. We all share so many common life experiences, joys and struggles.

When i post to an interesting FTM thread or in the crossdressing area, (crossdressing for me would mean wearing guy clothes) i have to admit i have a little of the walking on eggshells feeling, no idea why as everyone is almost always super nice even in debate mode.

I think a space for pronouns on posts would be a great idea.

Personal text, personal title and signature are provided so you may provide additional information about yourself that isn't included by the default configuration. The problem is there are so many variations that I suspect we will always be missing something.

There are an infinite number of gender identities, gender orientations, and gender presentations.  Don't worry about the labels too much.

If its not immediately obvious, just ask.

And yes, I wear a pin: "She/Her/Hers"


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