Author Topic: Transgender ultra-Orthodox case reveals painful clash of minority communities  (Read 1366 times)

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Transgender ultra-Orthodox case reveals painful clash of minority communities

The Guardian/By Harriet Sherwood Religion correspondent
Friday 3 February 2017 08.21 EST

"It was a “collision of two unconnecting worlds”, said the judge. One was the isolated, closed environment of ultra-Orthodox Jews; and the other, the painful, complex world of a father once within that community who identified as a woman. Caught in the middle were five children, aged from two to 12.
It was also a collision of legal rights: of children to have contact with and the love of both parents; of religions to practise their beliefs; and of transgender people to equal treatment."

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Very sad...

Wow. What price do we pay for authenticity?

I know quite a few people immersed in exclusionary, belief-oriented 'sects'. What cost do they pay for inclusion?

Hard stuff.


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Ironically the Mishnah and Talmud mention a variety of gender orientations, for example: Saris Adam, a person born male at birth but develops female characteristics due to human intervention...hello? MTF? Transwoman? Unfortunately religious sects which profess the strictest, most "conservative" beliefs and traditions actually cherry-pick what parts of their religion to keep and which to ignore.


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I just really don't know what to say. ???

Yeah I do always incase my first statement confused anyone. This is why there should be a separation between church and state. when a government is intertwined with religious view, not values but doctrines then the state is actually controlled by the church. I have been to Isreal and they are fairly liberal but a guy with earrings in both ears is considered gay. In the United States now it is pretty normal. But No church rules our laws. Just certain values like the ten commandments and the freedom and regardless or what any church group or whoever else says we are free to express ourselves and if need be to defend ourselves too. Well the latter is some places anyway.

So in relation to the last part every one thinks that California, NY and other major city or population areas are so more LGBT friendly. They are not. Areas in the South are more safe for LGBTs and some may not agree with the lifestyles but they usually could care less. So they may not like you but they will be nice to you because if they try to hurt you then you have every right to defend your own life from harm. I have a friend that is trans in NJ and has been trying to get a permit for eight months. She finally moved down here and got a Glock 17 the minute she changed her driver's license.

But long story short, no orthodox religion is going to accept you because they take shit too literal. But Spirituality in itself is not a literal conception in the mind of man but who we are and that is between us and our Creator. there is a reason for being transgender, gay, lesbian, genderqueer, non binary or anything else. But that is our own journey and for us to find our own answers for. I think that is what a Creator would want. To find ourselves and thus finding the reason for our Creation and then leads to a larger perception of our Creator and will actually bring us closer tour Creator than sitting in a pew or worshipping in a Temple or praying to Mecca 5 times a day.

Some are scared because if they ever understood not God but themselves and asked the question of why then the answers they may get would mess them up from everything they are so secure with in their own lives. And then none of the answers are definitive because our minds and understanding is not as expansive as the mind of God.

Personally I do believe who Created us wants us to question why. I also want to believe that anger without hate is a good thing while questioning. Focused anger makes you more inquisitive to find answers. But fear is never a good thing. So why follow the herd to the slaughter house? I may burn in hell but according to the Christian belief when St. Peter asks me the question then my answer will be that I searched for God in earnest even though I have a penis and have long hair and wearing makeup and feel like a woman I asked why. I was angry, delved into it full force and found a way to be happy in life and still could forgive God for making me a woman with a more or less man's body. But one thing is that I will never be accused of being a scared sheep making a church rich and not finding the secret to life on my own and that includes questioning and trying to understand Creation. If I burn in hell for that then oh well.

So I suggest that everyone use what God gave them even if you don't call our Creator God and question, challenge and try and understand the mind of such. There is always a reason and that reason is different for everyone.

Look everyone should know a little about me by now and there are things I will have to make amends for and one is sexual deviancy but never love for someone even though we are both technically male or female or anything else. with the catholic teaching and common Christian teaching I do not believe that Mary Madeline was a harlot. I think Jesus loved her as a mate instead of just another disciple. Not a common accepted Christian belief but a definite a Gnostic possibility. But Yeshua or Jesus Christ was the Son of God and the Son of Man so that description in itself is a duality telling me than Yeshua was Spiritual and yet still a physical man too. So even Christ might have fallen for a pretty woman. That is something you will never hear in a Christian Church. But it is possible.

Just something to think about. What is God? Male or female? In a paternalistic world God would be a male. In a maternalistic world God would be called mother. Just something else to think about.