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Live BBC1 debate on gender with yours truly ;)

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R R H:
Here's a live TV debate on BBC1 in which I participated this weekend. It's a bit of a bear pit atmosphere but hopefully I stayed cool ;)

I'm Rachel by the way :D

R R H:
p.s. very evident that I've only just started the voice training!

R R H:
By the way, my book, The Boy in the River, which Nicky Campbell very sweetly plugged as 'fantastic' is here:


Thanks for sharing Rachel.  Very similar debates going on around the globe, which I believe is healthy...even if we don't agree with every side of the argument.  I thought it was quite impressive on how many viewpoints were touched-on in such a short time.

Btw, I think you did wonderful in your time allowed, you kept it very mature in an environment that could have boiled over.

Thank you for doing this, Rachel.  We need more folks, and more straightforward representation out there.

That couldn't have been easy.  All the classic characters were there; the nice TERF person, the Outraged Housewife, the "I found a study" Guy, and so on.  You kept your cool, not easy, and I thought the moderator did a good job in spite of the task at hand. 

Thank you!

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