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Any tips on masculine performance?

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Gothic Dandy:
Very recently, like days ago, I've become very interested in drag kings and the idea of performing as a male impersonator. It's impossible for me to pass as male in daily life, so I had the idea that I could explore my identity on stage. I'm under the impression that drag is like an exaggeration or caricature of gender. I also notice that drag makeup, combined with stage lighting, sets a sort of illusion that would be easy to spot in daylight, but is otherwise hidden. That's why I thought drag could give me an advantage in exploring my masculine identity.

I'm really lacking in the area of behavior and movement, though. I've tried to change my movements, walk, posture, etc. in daily life and it just never stuck, so I eventually decided if I have to work that hard to change, maybe I should just be my natural self and be content with acting sort of femme/flamey, since there are cis guys like that too. But I wouldn't be able to perform like this.

I tried googling some tips on how to act more masculine for a drag performance and got nothing. Do any of you have tips?

It's not like I'm going to be on stage tomorrow, but for the sake of my own research and curiosity, I'd really like to know. I'm forming a plan in my head and I think some tips in the area of behavior/movement would help me out.

Walk slower and more purposefully with a wider gait.
Always sit with your legs open
Do fewer, slower, more aggressive and straight and strong hand movements.
Just act like your really confident and determined about everything, but like your never in a rush. Even in the way you look at things.

Not a great explanation but it's just sort of about replacing flamboyance with reserved strength, and imagining that your really confident about everything. That's sort of the charecature of a masculine man to me.

   I'm sorry, I don't have any tips for you.

  The question just hit my funny bone. I'm thinking what could I possibly say to help you be more masculine when I feel I did such a bad job at it in my own life. So bad that I've decided to give the other team a try.

 Good luck and I hope you got a ton of better help.


Look and observe. Try to mimic. Observe men walking, gesturing.

I grew up more masculine than "normal girls". I walk like a man. Many have commented that. I don't know how I walk, I just walk. Maybe I sway a bit when I walk. From side to side. Not much. But people notice.

Walk determined, straight forward. Keep your head up, don't stare at the ground. Don't stare at people's eyes, that is hostile and can make some people angry.

Feel self confident. Or play self confident. Be calm no matter what happens.

Gesture slowly with "wide" arms. Keep air in your gestures.

Stand, sit, walk wider than women.

I hope it helped you some. It is hard to think how I do to be masculine. To be aware of my own behaviors.

I was thinking and observing. I "walk" with my shoulders. I push the sholder forward in the step. Making it a more powerful walk. Maybe that is making it look like I sway a bit.

Most women have their shoulders still, and only swing the arms gently.

Also walking wide instead of on a line wiggles your butt much less. Walking like on a catwalk makes femenin features very obvious.


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