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Any tips on masculine performance?

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Gothic Dandy:
Interesting. These are the things that came to me naturally when I was FTM and presenting as male, but I didn't know how to describe them, and also hesitated to use language like "more confident" to describe men vs. women. Thanks for the tips, guys.

Thanks for the hugs, Jeanette.  ;)

Who says you can't perform and be flamey? Everybody loves a gothic dandy ;0
I myself am I gothic dandy on the reg. Very flowly handmovements/posture, naturally effeminate everything. Through pure practice, I've copied masculine walking patterns/sitting/etc. and eventually it just came more naturally. The most helpful thing I find, is having a sock/dick in your pants. It helps with everything x10. Try it sometime, even if you're not representing full masc on the outside, no one's gonna know what you have going on down there, giving you "the moves."


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