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GLBTQ-Affirming Churches - REVISED

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Chris B.:
The Institute for Welcoming Resources has welcoming churches all over the country, and in some other parts of the world       They also have news, blog links and all kindsa interesting stuff.

Chris B.

Walk Fellowship in Long Beach, Mississippi is a new church just trying to get on its feet.   It will be the first church in MS to do commitment ceremonies once it is fully set up.

It's probably already been said but the Unitarian Universalist church is a wonderful, accepting organization (for the most part). Each church is different, but mine has always been great to me. If you're in the Knoxville area, come check out TVUUC!

Lutherans Concerned from the original list has had a name change. They are now ReconcilingWorks/Reconciling in Christ (RIC).
The new link to find a congregation in the US or Canada is:

Hope this helps!


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