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Transgender in army

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Mordekai fly:
I am a pre T and pre op ftm . I want to join the military , specifically the army . Yet , I am nervous about how things will end up . I am trying to look online but it's hard to tell what could happen if I join the army . My military friends are telling me to talk to my recruiter about this but I'm nervous because I have a small knowlege of the military . If I do ask will they disqualify me? Is it better to ask after I get in if I do? Will I be placed with woman  or will I be placed with men because I'm a ftm? Does anyone have experience with such situations like this? I want to be prepared but my knowledge is of a rock. I don't mind being placed with woman but I hear somewhere  that everyone takes showers together but naked and that thought makes me uncomfortable . Like I want to bind and pack but ughhh my mind is a mess . Please help if you have experience or good sources of what I could come across, be placed in, and if I should tell my recruiter or not .

Hi  Mordekai Fly, welcome to Susan's Place! Good on ya for wanting to serve. Here's a video from the Department of Defense about the  new policy allowing transgender people to serve. The kickoff date is scheduled for July 1, 2017.

Full details here:

See you around the site!

Hugs, Devlyn

Like Dev said, July 1st of this year is the date they will begin accepting transgender civilians into the service. I am in a group for trans people who are interested in joining the military, and it is led by some of the soldiers who were involved in helping build the policies that will be in place. The advice they are giving everyone currently is to get in shape, study for the ASVAB, get all of your documentation updated, and otherwise get all of your ducks in a row before 7/1. They do not advise speaking to a recruiter until 7/1.

You could enlist as male after 7/1. You could not currently and would have to wait until after your second training period is complete before you could start transitioning.

Start running and do lots of push-ups and sit-ups.  It will make basic training a whole lot easier if you arrive in shape and don't have to struggle.

While you don't have to meet Army standards to get in they will work you to get you there.  So the closer you are to start with the easier it will be.  Here are the standards.
60 points per event is a passing score.

If you have any general questions about the Army feel free to ask.  I spent 20 years in; half in the Infantry and half doing other stuff.

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.
André Gide, Autumn Leaves

Telling a recruiter anything that is not essential is a bad idea. Don't believe all of what they tell you. They will make things appear a lot better than they are in reality. You definitely do not want to have male basic training if you have a feminine appearance; and especially if you have not had full SRS. I suspect that female basic training could be just as bad if you have already developed some male bodily characteristics.


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