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Accessing superannuation for SRS and FFS

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--- Quote from: ElizabethK on May 09, 2018, 07:37:06 pm ---So maybe I should just submit a quote for the accommodation instead of a receipt. I am still waiting on the return of the handwritten Dr's report which should be here today to make the final submission. Thanks for your help

take care


A further note
I have checked the requirements further since reading your comments and I have found a line in the instructions that specifically says "quotes or unpaid invoices" so thanks you so much I now have the appropriate quotes for submission.

--- End quote ---

So glad I could help. :)

I had already paid for the accommodation but I am not too concerned about that and hopefully they will do the same as when I got an early release some years ago in which they just sent me the funds via my bank account. I can't imagine the quotes are anything more that a guide to what it will cost. Hopefully anyway...If anyone can tell me how they deliver the funds I would be grateful.

I posted the application yesterday and if we allow for it to have been received by Tuesday then I should have an answer no later that the 12 of June(28 day service level)

I will post again once I have received a response.

Once again thanks for your help


I followed up today in regards the application only to find out there is an online part to the process. No real problem but would have been nice to know. When I did the original application there didn't seem to be anything more to do but clearly I was wrong.

I started this process only to get stumped by the application refusing to accept the Super providers ABN number. This little piece took about 45 minutes to remedy only to be told that each time I submit a new ABN I need to refresh the web page...Oh wow really...Anyway got through to the next section only to find it is a repeat of the information in the application form.

In the end I rang the department and the woman was very laid back about the issues I was having as apparently they are quite common. You got to love Govt Departments. Lucky for me the woman went through the application to ensure that everything else was correct. In the end despite submitting evidence in the form of an email along with the surgery information pack I still need to get this in writing specifically addressing their concerns. The biggest being that they now want is "proof" that I need to be in a different city and require a carer. The fact that I need to be in Melbourne is a no brainer...the surgeon is there and the hospital is there...go figure... Pedantic!!!

Anyway am waiting on the letter back from Dr Ives so I can finish and submit the online part of the application. Once approved they will send me a letter that I take to my Super provider who then gives me the funds.

Total exercise in frustration...the pedantic mindlessness of GOVT departments never fails to gob smack me.

Onwards and upwards!!


Edit: Huge Pat on the back for Dr Ives Team...I submitted my request for a cover letter and updated quote a little under 3 hrs ago and I have the updated documents in front of me now. Bravo for a job well done Dr Ives Practice

I received a letter on the 26th June advising that I had the funds approved. I made an application of withdrawal from my Super company and had the funds deposited in their entirety into my nominated account 9 days later however there was a paperwork foul up during that process that extended it by about 2 days.

I received the funds into my account today. I was going to write a post outlining the basic process to get approval but then I realised that the whole process was supposed to change as of 1 July 2018 as announced on Centrelinks page. They advised that the ATO would now be handling requests for early super release. I do not know how this will impact the process.

What I would say is this....It is well worth spending the time over getting your documents right. The inmformation given to me by the help desk at centrelink was great. The lady checked each document to ensure it covered off everything as required by the process. She advised me to exchange a couple of documents for better ones with better detail. She advised I get the seperate letter regarding the requirement for a helper. I was confident when I sent the documents in that they were all good but i was wsrong as I had declared investested money as cash. When they mean cash they wean "get from the ATM" kind of cash. If the $$ are tied up then they are not readily accessable. Once that was straightened out then it wasn't long after that I received the approval letter.

So here I go for Nov 2018



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