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*TRIGGER WARNING* Texas Bathroom Bill - `My heart breaks over their deception.’

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Jane Emily:
`My heart breaks over their deception.’ On Christian conservative opposition to transgender rights

By Jonathan Tilove
myStatesman 03/08/2017

Here's a peek into the mind of the folks in Texas who make up the opposition to transgender people using bathrooms and facilities corresponding with their gender identity.  As an aside, it seems to me that it's really pointless to try to have a rational discussion with people whose go to argument is, 'The devil makes you do it.'

It certainly shows the nonsense that "Christian belief" is.  I went to church as a kid, but came to my senses as I grew older and recognized religion for the delusion it is.

Keep the faith (pun intended)- more people are with us than against us.

Christ must be shaking his head at their unloving actions. Jesus called people that were seemingly legalistically moral but inwardly not, "white washed tombs". One can see the relevance of that analogy.

As I've been schooled so many times here, Nope, this has nothing to do with religion.

--- Quote ---Among the handful of other people who testified for SB 6 was Cindy Asmussen of Austin.

Asmussen is the ethics and religious liberty advisor at the Texas Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, and legislative director at Concerned Women for America of Texas.

"Words cannot explain what we saw today at the Capitol. There were hundreds of protestors – many whom were men dressed as women and parents bringing young children they were helping to transition to another sex. Then listening to the complete confusion from SO MANY lost people who testified. My heart breaks over their deception. I physically felt sick at the awful spirit in the hearing room. This is complete deception in which these people need God’s delivering power."
--- End quote ---

Conform and be dull. —James Frank Dobie, The Voice of the Coyote

I'm afraid that if I was to comment on this in the manner I feel I would likely be banned.
Suffice it to say it disturbs me.
I'll leave it at that.



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