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Hey girls! :)
Here is something I have been wondering for a while now, I'm wondering is it just me or is it the same for others?
My beans(boobs) get progressively more sore throughout the day, maxing at the end of the day, and reseting back to normal after a good night's sleep. In the morning the soreness is pretty much nothing again.
Is anyone else experiencing their breast pains like this?

    My experience with soreness is similar in the cyclic nature but I differ in the hours. I take my estradiol near 9am and the soreness is near minimal but does build slowly through the day and tapers off some by bedtime. Overnight however it seems to build to it's peak again in the morning hours where just shifting position can illicit sharp notifications that they are there. After getting up the soreness subsides again. So my mornings are when they get my attention the most.



Hmm strange.
I am on estrogen patches however.
The pain increases throughout the day, being they're most sore at the end of the day

  As they say YMMV 

Sensitive and itch all the time. That started about 3 weeks after progesterone. I don't mind because they are growing again! 


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