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Let us try this... One more time.

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Chaos Magician:
A method, it is highly risky, completely unfounded even, that can switch you to a body of your mental gender, would you attempt to try it?

It takes a lot of dedication, and the results might even be false, it is completely unfounded nor tested, only several claims of people on the internet can be prove of it is actually possible. You might possibly die form it.

Would you attempt it? You might possibly waste a year or 2 of your life doing this, however, for a natural body of your mental gender.

If this is against the rules, I do apologize in advance if I did break another rule again... However I truly do not know of which.

Pica Pica:
I wouldn't. The only nonsense I put my faith in is Edward Lear.

(Assuming this is purely hypothetical)
Normally, I'd say no. I wouldn't try it. However, if new body in question were healthy and not horridly ill...

Sarah Louise:
Not to be a sceptic or a trouble maker, but what is this unknown method of yours.

What exactly is the purpose of your question.

Sarah L.

Chaos Magician:
There are a few post of people doing it, or so they claim, on the occult forums, some seems to be rather successful, while others say the links of their spirit and body have significantly weaken, basically risky stuff.

There is one other person, who claim to have change his penis into a virgina, said he has been studying sex magic and what not for 6 years or so now, unsure of his credibility, however I'm willing to test anything that works.

Reason? Well, I see my life as pointless, nothing could possible change my view, if I am to be living, I might as well live as a guinea pig of sorts, finding solution s not yet tainted by the society and government, accessible to all, healing techniques already exist, but few believe it, and think of them as a hoax or scam, I will eventually try to change that, too.


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