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Really cool, thanks.  Yeah I do a lot of research but I never thought about how I might have missed out on little things like that.  Please post more ideas if you come up with anymore.

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Thanks everyone :)
As Elizabeth mentioned from her grandmother, I also don't wash my hair every day. I would wash it on average every 3 days, showering every day is fine but you just don't need to wash your hair that often, the more you wash it the faster it becomes oily/greasy because I think your body tries to produce more natural oils.

Also try experimenting with a few different shampoos (use one for 2 weeks at a time) and see how your hair changes, different hair types prefer different shampoos.

Testing a dress length by walking toward a mirror is a good one Dayta.
Also yes, definitely let moisturiser soak in for a few minutes before starting your foundation/ makeup routine.

Another one I only recently found out myself is how well primer works! It really helps to improve the wear time of makeup (if makeup says it will last 6 hours, it adds an extra hour or two before it starts to look cake-y) also helps to smooth out pores before foundation.
"Nyx photo loving primer" is a cheap brand but seems to compare really well to expensive brands.

When I told my trans friend about the hair brushing tip, she told me that hints like that were really helpful because sometimes things that seem obvious really aren't! She told me when she first got dressed she didn't know which order to put panties or pantyhose on. (Hint, undies still go on first and pantyhose are just like tights they go on after)(unless you have a fetish)

Feel free to keep adding hints/hacks :)

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Also, To produce wavy hair or curly hair, go to bed with slightly damp hair twisted and wrapped up in a little bun, it will dry that way and produce a nice wave/ body.
(Make sure it is fully dry before you let it out, otherwise it won't work)

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This is such a great thread! Thanks to all for sharing their secrets. I just told my mother-in-law the tip about eye makeup the other day.

So excited to try the tip for curls. In terms of twisting, do you twist a lot of different strands and then pull them into a bun, or do you take all of your hair at once and then twist that? Perhaps they would produce different effects.

I am thinking of going into the salon and asking them to just teach me a few cute hairstyles. Definitely missed out on a lot of this growing up!

So, here is a hair trick I do (I have straight to mildly wavy hair):

No heat curls:
I will wash my hair, and condition and rinse (shave my legs or something with the conditioner in before rinsing), then after a very brief towel dry I will add some leave in conditioner and then comb/brush it all through.  Then I wait until it is about half dry and braid it.  I can do this before bed, but most of the time I will do a single french down the middle, or two french along the sides and wear that for the day to work.  Then I will sleep in it, and shower with a cap on the next morning.  After doing all my make up I take it out, tease the braids loose and put in a head band.  Mass compliments from this.  The next day, I shower cap it again, and the do a high pony with the curly still in.  The following day I will either wash it again, or if I have not worked out too much, or worked outside in the garden or something, I will just condition to get another day without shampooing.

Another trick is I will wash, condition, then rinse.  Towel dry slightly, put in the leave in conditioner, comb it out, then use my fingers to twist strands and then air dry.  No heat curls and waves.  I get complimented on that, too.

My avatar is no heat air dry after wash, conditioner, rinse and leave in conditioner and just combed out.

The moral of the story is not to wash every day...


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