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Tips on How to Stop Smoking?

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I have had a bear of a time attempting to stop smoking. I am currently on HRT and I know how horribly dangerous it is to continue smoking. I have been trying to quit, but every time I do I get the shakes, I cannot sleep, crazy irritable, I feel sick and eventually give up. I have tried 3-4 times in the last year. I feel like I am at the end of my rope here, its so frustrating! I wish that I had never have started but its too late for that. Does anybody here have some tips on how to stop or what you did to stop?!

I did it with Vaping. I Found a couple of flavors I liked better than cigs and a nicotine level that kept me happy and was able to give up the cigs completely.
I did the vaping for 2 years and then stated cutting down the nicotine level a little each week. after 2 months I was at zero nicotine and was able to walk away from the vaping.
I still had the urge of the hand to mouth habit so I made sure I had hard candies or nuts or whatever around to satisfy that.
It's been 5 months now and all of the urges are gone. It feels really great to be smoke free!
Good luck, keep trying, you will make it!

I used Chantix and reduced the nicotine cigarette content in a process called fading.

I just googled some info about Chantix, and it seems as though its a prescription drug. I read some of the reviews and how the pill actually intacts with the brain to stop nicotine receptors (pretty cool stuff). I am currently living in Japan right now, and I am wondering if I can get this OTC or if I have to go to a doctor to get it prescribed. I will ask some of my friends tomorrow if they have heard of it. Thanks for the information.

Get a good quality e-cig.  It's real easy to quit that way.

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