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Re: Restroom Design - All Gender
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4) Most of the people freaking out in the bathroom debate seem to be men.

I'm sorry that you were intimidated in a male rest room.

I haven't seen any statistics or enough news stories to agree with your statement that most of the people "freaking out" are men.  Most politicians are men, so most speakers in public debates are probably going to be men.  Also, the Snopes Dot Com website has identified a number of fake news stories about male police or security guards overreacting when trans women use female facilities.  Perhaps that has caused a perception that it is mostly males who object.

There are plenty of cis women who are unhappy when they learn that a trans woman is using their facilities, as can be found by Googling

"Morganna Snow, 24, was banned from using the women's loo after up to 20 clubbers reportedly said they were 'uncomfortable' sharing the facilities with her"


"Female guard accused of hate crime after forcing transgender woman out of ladies' lavatory".

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Re: Restroom Design - All Gender
« Reply #21 on: December 01, 2017, 02:06:41 pm »
People are always going to see us by what we have between our legs instead of between our ears. That kind of tells me where their minds are. ;)

Even posing as a guy sometimes and using the men's room a while back, there were plenty of Glory holes between the stalls and I have been hit on and one time almost raped in a rest area in the middle of the night.

The whole debate is kind of crazy. One side claims that I am a freak yet would probably get raped in the middle of the night while wearing makeup, heels and hair. So why can't I sit and pee again while wearing a skirt, heels and makeup? Well I can most times if not all. Even sitting to pee some woman always seemed to walk in and sit in the stall next to me and commence with grunting. ::) Truck drivers ya' know? I do not poop in public. Driving I would shower everyday and then do that business in private.

As a trans woman people should be able to used the restroom of their choice but I would be kind of scared of someone next to me standing to pee. Are they MTF in a Ladies' room? Even at home I sit to pee. I hate when guys splash and yes when I was younger even have used men's rooms and standing??? Urine is so corrosive and I will splash. :embarrassed:

But I will say to all you girls while presenting use the ladies' room or pee outside behind a tree. If you are dressed and use a the men's room then you are either inviting trouble or violation. But even with me don't want to use the ladies' room dressed as a guy and vice versa. Hell as a guy and looking feminine you may even face crap or potential rape. And vice versa if you are a FTM in the men's room so get one of those thingies that will allow you to pee standing up. Or sit and grunt at least for a few minutes.

Why do Cis people think that we are sexual deviants? I have never hurt a child and have never raped anyone. Yet a child molester can use the proper restroom. Gays too because they are attracted to the same genitals they have. A vagina holds no special interest for me. :embarrassed: So when I use the ladies' room all the women are safe. ::)

Jesus Christ the space between the door and the stalls? Does anyone know how many people look through those tiny slits? Instead of knocking and asking if the stall is occupied most people both men and women seem to want to look ::). But now this has mostly been truck stops so take what I said for what it is. But it gets kind of annoying if a man, woman, Trans or cis. I really try not to use public restrooms though.

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Re: Restroom Design - All Gender
« Reply #22 on: December 02, 2017, 10:04:46 pm »
I had to pee real bad today and worked up the nerve to use the 'Ladies' for the first time! But I couldn't find it so I asked where it was, He sent me to the Unisex. It was close[whew!] so I went there, maybe next time! The bad part was it was nasty, toilet paper every where and piss on the seat :(. I have a bad left leg and must sit, my wet discovery sucked...  I wish women that 'hover' would learn to aim to.
I finally get to be me, and I don't want today to be my last! That's a very nice feeling.  ;D ;D ;D