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Ultraconservative Texas Christian Mom has Change of Heart

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I am so glad that this mom was able to accept her child for who she really is inside and out!  It says a lot about the mom and how much she loves her child to overcome her formerly held personal beliefs and through love, accept her daughter. 

To me, the important lesson here is that having personal experience with a minority (a <transgender> child) opened the eyes of someone who had mistaken beliefs about <transgender> human beings.  The personal experience made a difference, opened the heart and mind of someone and that led to healthy change. 

Love wins again!

I saw this little girl on 20/20 and she's amazing!! I'm glad that her mother is finally standing up and doing something that's right for a change. It's sad though that it took having a trans child for her to go from being a bigot to an ally. But hey at least she's on the right course now I guess.


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