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any M to F on here do either ? I have been into it since 70s good thing is its open to both(all?) sexes

Err, H*ll yes  ;D

 I have a love of hot rods, and have a part built slingshot dragster in my garage, picture just out of the chassis builders shop.


 Davina what is you style, likes?


Me to.  Here is some of my handy work!


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 Nice looking cobra, is that a BMW bike I see on the right as well?

I have an all original J spec TT JZA80 i was planning to take to the strip when I get the chance, just to get some numbers.
Dunno about modding her though as she is all original...
Cool to see your work. Speed is an exhilarating thing, I think both Girls and Guys can get addicted


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