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--- Quote from: Laura_Ann on April 03, 2017, 06:59:56 am ---Err, H*ll yes  ;D

 I have a love of hot rods, and have a part built slingshot dragster in my garage, picture just out of the chassis builders shop.


 Davina what is you style, likes?


--- End quote ---
Loving the dragster!  Hots rods and american V8s are the best!

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big kim:
+1 on American V8s. Haven't had a car for 15 years since I got free transport when I was a bus driver. Muscle cars are CEO & rock star prices now.
Used to go a lot to Shakey (think it was Long Marston then Avon Park), York raceway & Santa Pod in the 70s & 80s. Remember Dad taking me to the bike sprints at Little Bispham as a kid in the 60s & being fascinated by the weird & wonderful bikes.Did a bit of spannering on a work mates very fast Honda 4 with an 812 big bore kit & another mates Triumph Bonneville

Now what I have noticed is we are all in the UK none of our sisters over the Pond?!


Love the Cobra N! 289/427? or a Chevy. LOL  ::)  My first ride in HS was a '65 stang. My latest stang in storage is a '91 5.0 that I purchased new! I did heads/cam/upper and lower gt40 intake. Rear disk brakes because it came with drums. New drive shaft. Rear gears to 3:25. Transmission work. lowered the car 1 1/2 with progressive springs. New front disks that are vented etc..   From the other side of the pond ladies!

Well the beetle ran 14.3 @94 mph on third shake down run, weather was hot so that slows it but have cured bump steer.


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