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Greetings, fellow lady gear heads from here in the colony's. Yes there are many of us here who also who enjoy the adrenaline rush generated by speed. Past history includes lots of two wheeled antics, road racing, flat track, and ice racing in the winter time.  As age marched on, the two wheels have been replaced with go fast boats, and cars. Running over 100 mph on the water is a rush, trust me! Present boat is a 26 ft. DCB catamaran, that is comfortable cruising at 50-60 mph but when the need for speed arises, oh boy! Built a 1934 Ford coupe pro street with a blown big block Chevy that was an absolute blast to drive, building vintage looking C1 and C2 Corvettes now with late model power and suspension. Looking into a vintage Formula Ford and road racing again, only on four wheels this time around. Whoever mentioned in the past that adrenaline is the most powerful drug known to mankind was so accurate.

Christine, Oh a Pony girl, I do love the early 60's and the current version.

Davina, Good to hear the shakedown went well. Have fun at the Pod.

Denni,  WOW a real petrolhead, sounds like you have your hands full.

I love me some Subaru WRX or WRX STI. :D My goal is to eventually own one, but I loved getting the chance to drive one. Very fun to drop the clutch at 3K on those cars. I didn't have a powerful car in the states, but my Subaru Legacy 2.5i was very fun to drive, and hugged the roads very well with a good set of sports tires. Even won a street race at one point with it at about 110 mph.

Laura _Ann  I sure am a pony girl. My first was a restored '65 stang.  Midnight black with a little red stripping on the sides. I have a pony tat on my shoulder to prove it. Love the old blue oval rides!

one of my hotrod club members runs a full tube glass bodied stang ,460 motor . Went to watch qualifying today (have to work tomorrow) and he ran a 9.8 . My ears arnt burning so maybe no one noticed my plum nails and rings and ankle boots with 2" heels but there again?


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