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Davina a 460 nice and a 9.8 sweet. I'm sure you looked amazing and dressed the place up!

Love Christine

Tammy Jade:
Well They Arn't Exactly Drag Cars but here are 2 of my toys.

The Evo will do Mid 11's and with practice (or a better driver) I could probably get that down but it puts to much stress on the rally gearbox. (Which is currently broken LOL)

Can be a bit fragile if not on the loose stuff, seen a few scubys launch there boxes on the strip, started restoring my 67. built 68 model year VW panel van. Forgot how much of a pain grinding spot welds is , grinder rash rules.

I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.  I'm really not worthy.

  I'm not really into racing (or rather "my guy" isn't, I'm a cd and he does the car stuff), and he's been slowed down considerably since we've become somewhat mature.  And he's a "road" sports car kind of person, not a "drag" person (well, at least in terms of automobiles) since we live in the hills.  But we've both always wanted a late '50's, very early "60's hi po vette.  But the insurance.  But the worry.  But the tickets.

  So he's been working on a "stealth" vette (for way too many years now).  He's got a '65 cuda.  It was an old lady's car, slant 6/auto which have been removed now.  Sitting underneath it is a "62 chevy iron 4 speed with gearvendor od, waiting to be eased up into the tunnel (Ah, and what did you do yesterday?  Cut the tunnel open so the shifter can poke up and through when the <transgender person> is eased up).  And then sitting over in the corner is a '56 265, bored out to a 283, with a double hump heads and roller rockers, a dundov 097, and an edelbrock thunder on a high rise with very good set of exhaust manifords.

  ("Infidel!" cry the Mopar Heads.  And to think he turned down a never started 273 replacement engine someone once offered me.  What can I say?  He likes the sbc.)   

  So the weight is about the same as a late '50s vette, the power/transmission is pretty much the same, the handling will be pretty much the same.  (And, yes, the rear axle has been swapped out to a ford ranger posi, the front brakes to disks and the torsion bars upped to 273's and a new fast ratio power steering box has been installed.  And I've got a spare back window hidden away in the big metal building.)

  So its engine/trans swap fabrication issues that I've been (worrying about, avoiding, fighting, cussing) trying to accomplish.  But he's not in a hurry.  Its been a 15 year project at this point and -- like I said -- he opened up the transmission hump yesterday.




Reminds me to go to irwindale drag strip, in California,  live within 20 mile of it.

Get the oil pumping in my veins again

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