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big kim:
Had a go at run what ya brung in my 69 Pymouth Barracuda( 340 4 barrel lowered diff.Scary fast & drank pterol for fun). Also had a go of my first boyfriend's 68 Mercury Cougar (302 4 barrel)
Tempted to take the saddlebags off my Harley Sportster & have a go at the Bulldog Bash (883R Stage 1)

  Oh a modern Jap car, to much electronics for me lol.  I know some very fast girls and boys ;-)

 You better pull your bags off soon with the looming threat of closure to Shakey.   I did some RWYB with my old 66 Pontiac LeMans :-)

She is complicated alright.... But aren't we all? :'3


--- Quote from: Laura_Ann on April 03, 2017, 07:36:29 am ---Nikki,

 Nice looking cobra, is that a BMW bike I see on the right as well?

--- End quote ---
Yes!  Guilty as charged.  Was one of two bikes,  the other being a Ducati Panigale but unfortunately I had to let it go. 

N x

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We ll had a 340 RT challenger then built a full tube Austin Devon with the Dodge engine (runs 11.5 at 120 ) a slingshot dragster 383 mopar powered with my friend and my daughter races  a vw beetle that runs 14.00 with a 1679 cc lump. For the bikers out there my youngest is the first one to have  junior drag bike RD125 twin powered that was evil on expansion boxes (bleeding ears!!!) and have built him a GS500 as a drag bike . Its a bugger about Shakey been going there since 79 .Well making the most of this year and watch out for Halloween as Davina will be going not my alter ego


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