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So I have been plodding on doing what I can with no money, still waiting for my pension fund to pay out . It said 10days on there forms and its been over a month . Still worked out a lot of bits and found a radiator that fits, inlet /air cleaner pipes and things like that. Sometimes it takes days/weeks to work out how to do/make something , better than rushing and having to redo.

Still plodding on again, slow and steady wins the race!! Sorted my VW panel van out and off camping to 3 shows over the next 2 months so thats taken time out from the Austin. So of the hot rod club came over to help move the body out of the way, now starting to finish off the chassis and sort suspension . Still need a couple of thousand pounds in parts  to finish and burnt my way through pension fund already----------

Maid Marion:
Hi Davina

I've been driving around with my glove compartment in the back of the car while I figure out  how to remove the blower motor and remove the junk that is making it noisy.


Well dears I have been cracking on, chassis welded and painted under side with just a wee bit of welding to do when its turned over and then top side to paint. Brake and fuel pipes to plumb in and then body can be refitted, have stainless bolts, nuts and washers for this.

Great stuff Davina.
I been unfortunately struggling hard with the thing metal of my Honda. I am getting there but it's slow
Here is my Engine for the Honda.
And my Supra at a Show last Sunday!


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