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Poblems Getting Into Chat


hi,  I'm a new user and I'm not able to get into chat. "Error Connecting (Closing link: (Seleena@ [Registration timeout]).  I'm  not sure what "registration timeout" means but can someone tell me if if I should be using my site login credentials when I go into chat?  Or are those credentials totally separate?  Thx!

There is a bug in chat where if you don't use a chat client the timeout is very short to get your login entered. The chat staff is aware of it but it hasn't been addressed yet. You could enter as a guest or use a chat client which is fast enough to get around the timing issues. Once you are on the site, you could talk with the chat members and discuss a chat client if you don't have one.

Thank you for the quick reply Dena. 

I'll figure out something ... or not.


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