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Red Wings All the Way

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N A:
Good to see I'm not alone  ;D

--- Quote from: VickieBlue on July 02, 2017, 02:46:32 pm ---I know it got a lot of flack but I love the Ryan Reaves trade. He's a better hockey player than people think and not just an enforcer.

--- End quote ---

I haven't got a strong opinion on him one way or another, but in Sully I trust so I'm going to take a guess and say he'll do fine in Pittsburgh! I don't know what it is but since Sullivan took over as a head coach it's looked like the Pens have won every trade they made. Daley and Schultz in particular come to mind (then again Daley for Rob Scuderi was a steal to begin with, Sullivan or not...)

I'm a long time Detroit Red Wings fan as well. I've been watching hockey since the late 60's and seen a lot of changes in the NHL. Some of them I like and some not so much.  The closest NHL city to me is Nashville about three hours to the east.  I'd like to try to make it to some Preds game this season. The Red Wings are in Nashville in February.  I may have to put that on my to do list.


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