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Do you think your country would elected a trans* person to its highest office?

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In Canada I could see an MP get elected as either a Liberal or New Democrat. Maybe one day soon we could have a red tory Conservative. As far as provincial politics I can see the same but with even a trans Conservative MLA is not out of the question is a few provinces. The Conservative party (different named used) in Quebec would very likely let a trans person run as would the Newfoundland Conservatives (Thanks Danny Williams for showing support as early as 2004) and maybe the Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Conservatives?? Elsewhere in the county I could see a trans person get elected in any province but likely would have to be either Liberal or New Democrat as other Conservative parties elsewhere have a sizable religious-right audience. However, Patrick Brown, the Ontario Conservative leader (and likely Premier next year) has really gone out of his way to quite any bigots and be accepting to the LBGT comminity!

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I am in Alberta. I think that a trans candidate could get elected in any of our urban areas. For a conservative trans person, the bigger hurdle would be getting their party to approve their nomination (I can't see the new UCP letting a trans person run but the old PC party might have done so in Calgary). The NDP, Liberal and Alberta parties wouldn't have a problem with running trans candidates. We actually have a non-binary person as a sitting MLA although they weren't out as non-binady when they were elected (elected as a lesbian though).

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While not trans, we do have an openly gay Premier, Kathleen Wynne, in Ontario.  So, there's hope.

I forgot about the Non-Binary person in Alberta! But yes, I think just about every province, in most ridings urban and even rural (depending on the local atmopshere) have a chance of being elected. Its just no trans people seem to grab the bull by the horn when it comes to politics. To add, Provincial and Terrirtorrial Conservative Partys that would likely be accepting to a Trans candidate is the Yukon Party located in well, Yukon. Yukons right wing party has often been the winner of the day , especially in recent years. Yukon has pretty well known reputation of being a very accepting place for LGBT even though it is a rather rural area as 33,000 people call Yukon, the size of the place is if I am not mistaken is somewhere in between that of California and Texas, home. To my American friends the comparison was to state how large and rural Yukon is! Yukon was the 4th place in Canada to legalize gay marriage in 2004 just after Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec did. Aswell, poltically it is rather left federally. It was the only Province/Territory to vote New Democratic in 1993 for McLaughlin and 1997 for Alexa McDonough. It was the only Province/Territory outside of Atlantic Canada to vote for Stephane Dions Liberals in 2008 and though narrowly losing the place to the Conservative in 2011, shot back hard to the Liberals in 2015 to be Trudueas 4th best performance.


--- Quote from: SailorMars1994 on August 22, 2017, 08:27:57 pm --- Its just no trans people seem to grab the bull by the horn when it comes to politics.

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Perhaps you should throw your hat in the ring :)


--- Quote from: Paige on August 23, 2017, 07:37:30 am ---Perhaps you should throw your hat in the ring :)

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Maybe one day :).


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