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Do you think your country would elected a trans* person to its highest office?

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To be honest I would say dont be suprised if a trans person wins a seat in next years Ontario provincial election. There was a woman in Vancouver who ran as a New Democrat in British Columbias May 2017 Provincial election and she lost by the smallest of margins agaisnt right wing incumbent and former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan. The result was suprising as that seat was considered a safe seat for Sulivan and he nearly lost to a poltical unknown. In Ontario all three major party leaders, Andrea Horwath of the NDP, Premier Kathleen Wynne of the Liberals and Patrick Brown of the Progressive Conservatives have voiced strong support for LGBT citizens. I wouldnt be suprised seeing a trans candidate being nominated by any of the three parties and ending up winning.

I just can't see that happening in the foreseeable future.

For now, we have next four years of a Republican presidency and at least two years of them having control of both the Senate and the House.  They are not going to do anything to offend their religious supporters.

Pence will leave office in 2020 (I assume a Trump impeachment) leaving the ruins of his and Donald's America. Between being sworn in and 2021 you can bet on Pence trying to create a theocracy.

Based on the reactions to anything positive being said about any trans person the ignorance and sheer hatred of us runs deep.  It's not going to go away soon.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed more than a half century ago and we still have yahoos in the KKK and others who would gladly put segregation back into place.

In 2020 we might get a sane president.  Give him/her eight years and there will be some trans people in statewide office, possibly one or two trans people in the House.  Perhaps a governor or two. Certainly, trans Lt Governor is possible.  Personally, I would like Dan Patrick (TX Lt Gov) to be replaced by a trans woman but that isn't going to happen until Texas turns a solid blue.

The presidency?  Keep in mind that we have never had a woman take that office.  No Jews either.  The road to the Oval Office is a steep one.   

If they knew the person was a transsexual? You’re not talking about a stealth person but an openly transsexual person here aren’t you? Then nope, not gonna happen anytime soon, no chance with most people as they don’t really understand what a transsexual even is. And while I am sure that there would be some folks who would only care about the views and ideas of a hypothetical transsexual candidate and would weigh whether they’d vote for them or not based on that only, others if not still the majority would definitely make trans the factor to rule them out not because everyone was hateful but because it’s too foreign and out of the norm to them, something they just can’t relate to and that in consequence would make them feel uncertain and make this candidate unpredictable in their eyes, because people fear what they don’t understand to a degree.

I personally would only vote for the hypothetical transsexual candidate for their politics and only if they held similar ideas and political views as I do and not just because they were born with the same condition I was that doesn’t matter to me. So maybe I wouldn’t vote for that candidate either if I didn’t like their politics or I liked the ideas and political standpoint of one of the “cis” candidates better and thought that the “cis” candidate’s politics were better for the nation.
I am really opposed to identity politics and wouldn’t vote for someone merely due to such random factors that don’t say anything at all and that a person was just born with.

I don't really get into politics, but what I do know for US is we currently have the opposite right now of that progress XD
But there have been recently transgender people getting into positions of political power.
Also it took a long time but we had a black president, something that years ago seemed as impossible as a trans president seems right now, so guess it's possible.
The better question though is will we still be a country by the time that happens XD


Not highest and not through election, though.


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