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Do you think your country would elected a trans* person to its highest office?

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I love this question... I am in the Army, and have always loved politics to an extent. I want to get out, and maybe..... run for office. I have tossed around the idea of totally feminizing body, while still presenting as male. Run off all I have done, then after a year in office coming out. I just feel we need a voice, and we need people to see we are not crazy or disturbed.. I have made it 30 years, leading soldiers, I think I have the mental capacity to someday lead this country.

The UK had Nikki Sinclair's who was an MEP. I think there's been a handful in local office.

Labour seems to be targeting every minority possible, so who knows.

I actually don't believe that that will happen, at lest not in the near future, in Sweden.
We have a lot of gay and lesbian politicians and they could probably become prime minister if they got the chance.
But we don't have any trans persons in our politics. I don't know why. Maybe it will come some day.

The German State of Bavaria has a member of the parliament who is openly trans MtF

Hmm. Cool you have these thoughts about Canada. I live in Sweden and I'm having a hard time picturing a trans person being president. We haven't even had a woman as president yet. But I guess it's not impossible....


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