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Do you think your country would elected a trans* person to its highest office?

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I am also Canadian. I expect that we will see some out trans candidates elected to provincial and federal office in the next couple of years. I don't think a candidate's transgender status would prevent them from being elected or selected as party leader (of at least two federal parties)... but with that in mind, I doubt that we will have a trans prime minister in the next few years just due to the lack of visible trans people in the higher eschilons of the major parties... once there are some, I don't think Canadian voters will care that they are trans.

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We don't even have one openly trans person is the legislature in the UK.

However! I think we might one day get a trans PM.


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Hmmm, has a nice ring to it.  ;D

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You would have my vote if I lived in the US. :)

Paige :)

Being a Canadian as well, I foresee a day. The problem is, as was the recent BC election, those trans individuals who ran,  were  for parties that have little to no chance of being elected. Only until a trans person decides to run for one of the major parties, I don't see it happening soon.

Niki Knight:
Another Canuck here. I am certain a distinguished Transgender MP will be voted in somewhere in the country and most likely Liberal.

Hmm, carrier change maybe in order.

The Honourable Niki Marie Night, I like the sound of that.

Huggs Girls


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