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Survival shops and resources?


A recent conundrum faced by us Minecraft staff is the variety of resources to be offered in the survival shops. Three options have arisen so far, but we're completely open to suggestions!

* Survival shop with everything a player could ever need
* Encourage players to trade items in a player market
* Introduce a resetting mining world for players to get the resources they needPlease let us know your thoughts!

This is my view on the conundrum that we are currently having on the minecraft server

If the survival shop has everything some one needs like all building blocks or ores,
Then there will be pretty much no point to survival because why gather the resources if you can just make a big auto farm of something and get all the money you need to buy the stuff.
If people want to build but pretty much want to get all the items in a easy way they can also build in creative we can even put a copy of the survival world as the creative world if people want to have nice terrain to build.

The second thing is something I like but if the first thing is done then there isn't much of a point to buy items from other players. You can just go to the store and buy the items you want there anytime and as much as you want.
And then what would be the point of selling your items you then would need to start selling them at a much lower price then the survival shop but still higher then the money you would get from just selling it with a command.

The third point is also not something it think is not necessary, The current survival world pretty much has al the blocks of a normal world when it comes to mining why send players to a new world to mine when they can just as easily make a mine in or next to their base. Only allowing a player to mine in a specific world would just be unnecessary and a inconveniences to the player.

And since this seems to be mostly for the preservation for the current survival world which is a custom world. I want to say that it is unnecessary to completely preserve it. Its a survival world people are supposed to play on it make things and mine and if we don't want that because the landscape wont look as good then we shouldn't use it as a survival map.

Not into Minecraft but in the real world, it might cost more in the stores than to get from trade or producing it yourself. If the amount of currency a person has is limited, they might seek cheaper alternatives than a store unless they need something fast and now.

As I see it, there are several benefits to having a survival shop with all the items a player could need.

1. Players can still sell items! If we set the buy price of every item in the server shop to three times the sell price, there will be a large window for players to sell items at that will encourage other players to buy at the player shops instead.

2. If we had lots of players who were very active, maybe it would be possible to get all the blocks you needed just by trading. However, at the moment we only have ten or so active players.

3. Some players aren't able to grind for hours to get things like dirt, sand, snow, and purpur. Some players don't go into the nether and/or the end due to personal preference. However, there are many players who don't get the same level of satisfaction from building in creative as from building in survival, even if they didn't get the blocks from conventional methods. If you build a farm to get the money to buy blocks, you still earned those blocks.

4. Most importantly, it's all about personal playing style. If you want to get all the blocks by mining or crafting them, go ahead. If you want to buy them from a shop, that's cool too. And if you want to get them by trading with other players, that's great as well. I think we should be less worried about how easy it is to get materials for building, and more worried about whether or not people can use the shop to easily grief other players.

Another option, or perhaps one we can utilize alongside the survival shop, is to have a mining world that resets every two weeks. There are several benefits to this:

1. It gives players a place to mine dirt and sand and such without feeling guilty about ruining the environment.

2. There's only so many blocks in the survival world, so when the server has more activity, we'll eventually run out of the non-renewable resources.

3. It adds another potential playing style to the game, one which many players are already familiar with.


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