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Jennifer RachaelAnn:
I know I'm gonna get smacked for this, but what, exactly, is Minecraft?

A videogame.  If you don't like videogames, avoid it.

It's several different worlds where you can build, live in world with cloud islands, survive and several other activities. A member posted some interesting videos of the worlds a while back but I am unable to find the posts at the moment.

I found the user who posted the links.,186572.msg1837241.html#msg1837241,186572.msg1838039.html#msg1838039,186572.msg1838236.html#msg1838236

Jennifer RachaelAnn:

--- Quote from: Axolotl on April 28, 2017, 09:17:51 pm ---A videogame.  If you don't like videogames, avoid it.

--- End quote ---

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love video games. I can't imagine going even one day without playing Nintendo. Or PlayStation.

Here's a post I made earlier this month

--- Quote from: Jennifer RachaelAnn ---I see posts on several forums of people talking about how amazing their Xbox 1 is, or their PS4. But who among you is like me? Mostly I stick to cartridge systems. To be specific, NES, SNES, N64. I'm not going to say I don't play other stuff. I play PS1, and a little bit of PS3. I love the old school graphics. The blocky, sketchy, stuff that can lag behind time like crazy. I mean remember the original Legend of Zelda? Who is going to say that Twilight Princess, while a great game, completely blows the original out of the water. I would imagine that there wouldn't be a whole lot. And Mario 3? That one inspired movies and tournaments. I haven't seen much of any kind of tournaments, with the exception of the occasional Halo tournament. Or online stuff in general. Plus theres games like Q-Bert, Contra, The first Ninja Turtles, Astynax, Legacy of the Wizard, Wizards and Warriors, and so many more masterpieces.

Then there's SNES. Blackthorne, Legen of the Mystical Ninja, Donkey Kong Country, Earthworm Jim, and the beginning of Mariokart. The graphics were a little better and more detailed, but just relic enough to keep the player begging for more. I can't get enough of it.

Now N64. 360" view, full VR, and games with a total different feel. I mean who doesn't remember Mario64, The Legend of Zelda (both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask), Banjo Kazooie, Hexen, and for the more mature audience, South Park and Conker. Can you honestly say these games weren't mind blowers?

With the PS games, I play Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and Final Fantasy 8. That pretty much does it for me on PS1. The PS3 games I play continue on with Castlevania, and I'm a huge God of War nut. I also have Dishonored, Thief, Elder Scrolls V, Dante's Inferno, and a few others. But usually I stick to my cartridge systems.

I'm a classic gamer. Who else is, and can you recommend a game that you think people would love?

My mouth is watering now, and I think if I don't get on my Nintendo soon, I'm going to start going thru withdraws. :-P
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